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Our Banking Practice

Financial institutions are a major focus of our firm. We serve approximately 30 financial institution clients. Approximately 35% of our professional practice is dedicated to this industry.

We have a “significant presence” in providing audit, tax and consulting services to community financial institutions. Our professional staff has experience in the financial institution industry which is of the highest quality and includes assisting with mergers and acquisitions, facilitating strategic planning, and instructing on current accounting, internal audit and regulatory issues. We will be here when you need us. We will be up-to-date. Our extensive experience serving financial institutions illustrates our commitment to the industry.


An important distinction between our firm and others is the amount of management involvement in the engagement. DA&E relies on the following individuals to guide the financial institution practice: Daniel E. Vinkenberg, Troy E. Knust, and Casey J. Moscrip.


At DA&E we believe our people are our greatest asset. Planning to be adequately staffed is an acknowledged strategy of our firm. We believe adding good people makes the group stronger and also gives us the necessary flexibility to increase our services to clients.

Keeping these individuals is also essential in our service to the client. The attrition rates of our professional staff have historically been low compared to industry standards. We have had favorable growth in our firm and the financial institution group has been a significant part of this growth.


Our commitment to client service is implement through:

  • Providing Timely Service
  • Being Proactively Involved
  • Building Strong Client Relationships
  • Being Available and Responsive

This philosophy is ingrained throughout our firm and is evident when observing our day-to-day work habits. The services we provide through our firm include:

  • ACCOUNTING AND AUDITING: Attest services may include audits, director’s examinations and agreed-upon procedures in accordance with standards established by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants.
  • TAX SERVICES: The primary objective of our strategy in providing tax services is the same as yours -- to minimize your overall tax burden whenever and wherever possible. We have developed extensive expertise in the area of S corporation taxes. We have advised many of our financial institution clients regarding positive and negative aspects of making an S election. We emphasize the planning and monitoring on an ongoing basis in order to maximize the benefits of Subchapter S status. Our tax services will provide you with the tax expertise necessary to accomplish your tax and business objectives.
  • OTHER SPECIALIZED SERVICES: Other services include business planning, including merger/acquisition analysis, regulatory assistance, profit planning, accounting and control, and personal financial planning.